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Music Reviews from Issue 2 Worldview Interactive.


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Sydney-based Nathan Tasker is a man with a mission. Like most singer-songwriters, this 28 year old is keen to tell his lyrical stories to all who will listen. For more than a decade, he has been working towards perfecting his craft. He has recorded seven albums and has performed at more than 1200 concerts. Tasker, who describes himself as an 'emo' or emotional songwriter, is determined to get his message out to people via energetic and engaging live performances as well as through his albums. Since the age of 17, he has performed in schools, churches and prisons. He has played at conventions and to youth groups. Part of his journey has meant annual visits to churches in the USA, the UK, Western Europe and South Africa.


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7 Days
7 DAYS is a new gospel music sensation formed this year in Uganda as a result of a vision in the hearts of a group of young producers and musicians.


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God's Image
This 7-member band from Uganda believe in Jesus’ call to go and make disciples of all nations. Their music ministry is reaching out to young people and presenting to them the gospel of Jesus Christ.


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Enock Kislev
The album contains Enock’s own compositions, ranging from Hip-Hop to R&B to Jazz with the goal to uplift, excite and challenge people to repentance and faith in Christ.

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