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I Was Healed of AIDS

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Supernatural healing from full-blown AIDS is not something you read about everyday. But stories of miraculous healing occur frequently throughout Africa. Mrs Kisakye Jannipher lives in Mukono, about 25 Miles East of Kampala, the capital of Uganda, in East Africa. She told her story to ‘bring glory to God who still works miracles today’. This story was submitted by Dickson Ogwang, Uganda.

Today my new name is Jannipher Kisakye, but before I was not called Kisakye. I was given the new name by God when He was delivering me from HIV/AIDS disease.

I got married in 1988 to my husband not knowing that he had HIV. The technology of testing HIV status then was not readily available, and those that were in place were not easily accessible or reliable. In 1990 we had our first-born child. In 1992, our second child was born, but the boy was too small and I started developing lots of weaknesses in my body. In 1994, our third child was born and I became very weak.

It was then that my late husband started developing lots of HIV/AIDS related symptoms, always with fever. After treatment he would take not more than three weeks to go down again with another serious attack. He developed herpeszoster (virus disease of the skin with outbreaks of blisters) soon after this, what we call in Luganda ‘Ekisipi’ a symptom typical of HIV/AIDS. After seeing the herpeszoster I got so much worried and started thinking a lot about what was going on in our family. I knew for certain that my husband was very sick. I too was a victim, a carrier, and no doubt bound to die with this disease that had no cure.

I started praying and in my search for God’s help I heard the voice of God clearly speaking to me that, ‘the righteous shall live by faith’ (Heb. 10:38) I was sure that this voice was from my creator, redeemer and Lord. This encouraged me and my worries were taken away.

My husband’s condition continued to grow from bad to worse yet at that point I had conceived another baby whom I delivered in 1996, our 4th born. He was very very small among all my children and grew in a terrible condition. His skin was very rough and he had occasional discharge that showed he was not well. We continued struggling with the sickness of my husband and that of the children who were born HIV positive.

In 1999 my husband died. His HIV status had been positive throughout and it was the disease that killed him.

I too was tested then and my fears were confirmed. The doctor told me I was infected with HIV. After this confirmation I became worried afresh and at this point was very upset and depressed. I didn’t know what to do next or where to go for help. A widow, sick with AIDS, having 4 sick children to care for in my poor state.

I just sat down, I was so depressed, and in fact I can’t tell you what I was thinking about.

It was then that something came from above like a big stone. It seemed to fall in my heart. At last I was praying. As I prayed I came to understand by the help of the Holy Spirit that the ‘big stone’ was a supply of faith that came from God to help me. The Holy Spirit gave me Psalm 91:14. So I decided to go back and seek the Lord for 40 days, each day fasting for 12 hours. As I was praying the Lord showed me a vision. In the vision I saw three men sitting on the bench in front of me. The one in the middle was a demon that had wings like an angel and the Holy Spirit within me told me that the demon was AIDS. I saw it killing the man who was sitting on the right hand side of the bench. Then it went ahead to kill the man on the left. After killing the two men, he came towards me, pointed to where I was sitting and said, ‘I have finished killing these two, now I am coming to kill you!’ I saw it taking only two steps and I stood up and pointed at it and said ‘Greater is He who is in me than the devil who is in you! Jesus has overcome your powers and I am covered under His blood!’ After saying those words I saw fire coming from above and it consumed the whole thing that was threatening me. I then heard a voice saying to me that from today you will be called ‘Kisakye’ which means ‘by the grace of God I am healed’.

After that I decided to go to the doctor and recheck my blood and I was found to be HIV negative!

Since then I have never felt weak as I used to feel before. I’ve never experienced any fever or HIV related sicknesses and indeed I have a confirmation that by the grace of God I am healed and I continue living to serve God with my life. Let all the glory and honour go back to my God!

God Healed My Children Too!

Kisakye says that all her children have been healed too. ‘The children were born positive as there were no preventive measures to prevent mother to child HIV transmission,’ she says, ‘and besides we didn’t know we had the disease as we were living in ignorance.’

‘God healed all my four children in different ways. And I will be happy to give you detailed story of how my children got delivered. As you can see them now they are all ok, but they went through different trials and struggles with sicknesses until I prayed to God and believed that He who healed me is capable of healing my children too. Now they are here praising God, healed, alive and well to the glory of God.’

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