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Created 10 Nov 2006 - 19:21

Welcome to Worldview Interactive, an alternative concept in Christian publishing for Australia. Some time in the future we may tell you the story of how the concept of Worldview Interactive came into being, but this first issue is about other people’s stories and we believe that you’ll find plenty here to interest and inspire you.

If we do our job correctly Worldview Interactive will stretch the mind, encourage the heart and stir the spirit. We’ll be addressing issues that will cause us all to stop and reflect and rethink some of our basic assumptions. We’ll be telling stories from around the world, just to remind us that the world is a whole lot bigger than our own backyard. We will be celebrating the things that God is doing among his people, in all of their cultural, geo-political and ethnic diversity. We hope to remind the world that followers of Jesus are not just crusading moralists, ultra right-wing conservatives and money-hungry evangelists (stereotypes which we are all-too-well acquainted with) but that we are thinkers, intellectuals, artists, musicians, poets, activists, philanthropists and servants of our fellow man. We are a people who creatively and conscientiously seek to engage the world with our faith to redemptive ends – ‘to proclaim good news to the poor, liberty to the captives, recovery of sight to the blind and liberty to all who are oppressed.’ We will unashamedly proclaim that Jesus Christ is the sure foundation for our hope in this mad world, and despite the foolishness of this message in the sight of some, we are bold and unashamed because we believe that the foolishness of the gospel of Jesus Christ is God’s wisdom, that God reveals it to the humble, and that it is the power of God to bring salvation. We invite you to join with us, pray for us and support us as we seek to take this message throughout Australia and beyond.

When you visit the website - - you will be able to post feedback, access related links, download files such as text, music, streaming audio and video, and eventually enter into dialogue with other readers. The website is under development and new features will be added progressively, so please be patient and stay tuned. If you encounter any technical problems with the website, please let us know.

Finally, this publishing forum requires your participation. If you have any views, articles, personal stories, multimedia, music or art to contribute, then please contact us. Worldview Interactive will be pushing the boundaries in an effort to make the publication worthwhile, informative, interesting, edifying and accessible. Our unique new subscription system is one example of how we are exploring creative new ideas.

We believe that you will find this risk-free system both affordable and convenient.

Enjoy the magazine… and please pass on those subscription forms to your friends!

Allan D Weatherall

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