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INDONESIA: Christians Pressurised

By worldview
Created 9 Dec 2007 - 22:44

Whilst Indonesian Muslims have traditionally been nominal, cultural, progressive Muslims, Islamic fundamentalism and militancy is growing. From west to east, Christians are coming under increased pressure. Islamists are pressing ahead with Sharia law in autonomous Aceh, while militant fundamentalists in West Java
continue to tackle 'apostasy and Christian expansion' by persecuting pastors and evangelists and forcing the closure of churches. Meanwhile in Papua the genocide of a betrayed Christian people is being perpetrated. Please pray that President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono would make a just stand for the rights and security of ethnic and religious minorities. Pray too for God to give Indonesia's Christian leaders the 'Spirit of wisdom' (Ephesians 1:17) in abundance. Source: Religious Liberty Prayer

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