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TURKEY: Descendant of Mohammed Converts to Christianity

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Created 6 Aug 2007 - 11:45

A Turk who claims to be a descendant of Islam's prophet Muhammad has converted to Christianity while living in Germany. But Sedar Dedeoglu, of Luedenscheid, now faces a threat to his life if he's forced to return to Turkey and is seeking help from German authorities.

Dedeoglu descends from Muhammad's daughter Fatima and her husband Ali. In Dedeoglu's hometown, Elazig, in eastern Turkey they used to be revered as a holy family.

Dedeoglu, who is involved in Christian outreach programs among Muslims, has been receiving death threats from Muslims unwilling to accept his conversion. His relatives also regard his "apostasy" as shameful. "We should rejoice that such a person has become a Christian, and we should avoid any actions which could put his life in additional danger," his Christian attorney told an evangelical news agency.

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