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Crisis in Papua (Indonesia)

By worldview
Created 22 Feb 2007 - 15:55

The Indonesian military (TNI) is using the suspicious deaths of two soldiers on 8 December 2006 as the pretext for a massive military assault against the mostly Christian Papuan villagers of the Puncak Jaya highland region. (There is good evidence the initial incident was set up by the military itself.) As a result an estimated 5000 villagers have been driven from their homes, gardens and livestock. The military has since occupied some 20 vacated highland villages. It is the wet season and terrorised families are now walking through the inhospitable mountain jungle without food, shelter or medical care. Some are reported to have died. Indonesia invaded Papua in 1961. Ever since Papua was annexed in 1969 Jakarta has worked to colonise, Islamise and exploit the land. The covert genocide of a largely Christian people is happening. Please pray.

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