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IRAQ: Many Muslims Turning to Christ

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Created 22 Nov 2006 - 10:02

Retired Iraqi Gen. Georges Sada reports more Iraqi Muslims becoming Christians than at any other time in the history of the country. Speaking at McLean Bible Church in northern Virginia, Sada shared stories about Saddam Hussein moving weapons of mass destruction to Syria in 2002, his personal refusal to execute U.S. and British prisoners of the first Gulf War, and stories of what God is doing today in Iraq.

Bestselling author Joel C. Rosenberg who instigated his speaking engagements said, "Sada told me that some 5,000 Iraqis have publicly identified themselves as new followers of Christ since Iraq was liberated, and that an estimated eight out of 10 Iraqi believers say they converted because Jesus appeared to them in dreams or visions." Sada reported that the Kurds in northern Iraq are particularly receptive to Christ and are converting "by the hundreds".

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